Progenie II


Sparkling Wine – Extra Brut

Elaboration method

The secondary fermentation or prise de mousse is carried out in the traditional or Champenoise method.


Shallow to medium-deep sandy loam soils with fragmented rocks and low fertility. Vineyard Management: Medium-density canopies prevent direct exposure of clusters to sunlight. A no-till system is used to preserve the native vegetation, in combination with the use of rye as a cover crop.


Harsh winters and hot summers with temperate or hot days and very cold nights. The daily temperature range is about 15º C, favoring the balance between sugar and acidity and increasing the aromatic production of the grapes.

Varietal composition

Pinot Noir: 60%
Chardonnay: 40%

Pinot Noir, Chardonnay


Grapes were harvested and placed in 20 kilo boxes. Harvest Date: February 22.

Technical Sheet

Alcohol Content: 12.9 %
Total Acidity: 7.97 g/l
Reductive Sugars: 7.2 g/l
pH: 3.15

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