Vistalba Corte B 2015


Made with grapes from 50 hectares of the Vistalba land, these wines are a complete universe for the palate. Blends from red grapes identified as Corte A, B and C, representing the best of each harvest and with great qualities for storage.


Vistalba land – Upper Mendoza River Area – Luján de Cuyo – Mendoza – Argentina


Silt loam, medium-low fertility. Low percentage of organic material. Good drainage and low salinity.

Varietal composition

81% Malbec

11% Cabernet Sauvignon

8% Bonarda


Grapes were placed in 20-kilo boxes.
Malbec in two stages, on April 8 and 10, Cabernet Sauvignon on April 6 and 8, and Bonarda on April 17.

Tasting notes

Color: Intense bordeaux color with brillant violet hues.
Nose: Fresh prunes aromas, dry gs and blackberries. Barrel aromas as tobbaco, vanilla and cedarwood.
Palate: Sweet and velvety tannins. Great volume and body.Cacao, dark chocolate and subtle coe notes can be found on its long lasting nish.



Harsh winters and hot summers with temperate or hot days and very cold nights. The daily temperature range is about 15º C during the growing development stage, favoring a very good production of color and tannins.


Stews, meat, hard cheese, grilled meat, casseroles, pasta, pizza, spicy dishes and desserts.  


Year 2015


Twelve-month maturation in French oak barrels, 40% of which were first-use.

Technical data

Alcohol Content: 14.6 %
Total Acidity: 5.3 g/l
Reductive Sugars: 2.4 g/l
PH: 4

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