Cabernet Sauvignon

“The queen of red grapes: its intensity marks the palate”

Native to the Bordeaux region (France), the Cabernet Sauvignon variety may be proud of being the queen of red grapes. Grown in all the wine-growing countries, it adapts to all kinds of climates very well, although it is less prolific than other varieties like Merlot.

The result is a wine of strong structure and tannins, a full-bodied wine, with a fruity flavor, clear acidity and medium-high alcohol content. A perfect intensity to serve with stews, meat, casseroles, pasta and desserts.


Uvas pequeñas, negras y jugosas de piel gruesa


Tardía, ideal para zonas templadas con otoños suaves.

Notas de identificación

Color profundo y opaco con tono púrpura. Sabor a frutas rojas y negras (frambuesas, moras, guindas, arándonos y frutillas).