“The white queen: amber’s exclusiveness and luxury”.

Native to the Burgundy region in France, this is one of the most widespread varieties of white grapes in the world, and one of the most appreciated. Its adaptation to very different places and the quality of its wines have turned it into one of the most used varieties in the production of dry white wines, although in Argentina it is basically used for sparkling wines.

The result is a well-balanced, fine dry wine, with a great fruity aroma and medium alcohol content. When the grape is overripe its characteristic notes are walnuts and almonds. These wines go well with white meat, fish and seafood, as well as with spicy and vegetarian dishes, pasta and tomato-based dishes.


Uva esférica, pequeño de color ámbar y piel fina.


De temprana a media

Notas de identificación

Color amarillo claro, ámbar y aroma a frutos frescos como manzana y flores.