“Can a grape give flavor to Argentina?”

Native to southeast France, the Malbec grape was brought to Argentina around the middle of the 19th century by the agricultural engineer Michel Aimé Pouget. Far from its native land, the Malbec grape traveled around Argentinian lands, from Cafayate to Patagonia, and it decided that Mendoza would be its definitive home. And from Argentina to the world.

Unlike its French sister, our Malbec is softer and harmonious to the palate, combining body and velvety texture; a particularity linked to its adaptation to Argentinian soils. It goes perfectly with red meat, mature cheese and grilled meat.
Malbec is a blessing for the senses. A small pleasure whose final result is a wine of intense color, lively aroma, fruity expression and soft tannins. A flavor defining the character of Argentina.


Uvas pequeñas, medianas, de color violeta intenso. Pulpa y piel blanda


Maduración: en primera época tardía.

Notas de identificación

Color violeta o rojo intenso, sabor intenso a ciruela y mora.