Pinot Noir

“Its difficult character hides a delicate enveloping fruity essence”

Native to the Burgundy region, France, it is considered one of the most select varieties in the elaboration of varietal wines, although winegrowers regard it as a complicated grape of difficult vinification.

The juice of Pinot Noir grapes is colorless but in contact with the bluish skin of the grapes they produce intense red wines. The result is a fresh fruity wine, with a light tannic structure, medium-bodied and with a persistent flavor in the palate. Blended with other varieties it is usually used to produce sparkling wines and cavas. It is perfect to go with poultry meat, semi-cured cheese, fish like tuna and salmon and dishes with mushroom-based sauces.


Uvas pequeñas con forma casi oval. Piel suave y final.


Larga preferentemente en climas frescos.

Notas de identificación

Color rojo rubí cuando es joven, tiende a los reflejos anaranjados y ocres cuando envejece. Sabor suave, delicado y frutal con baja acidez.