Sauvignon blanc

“A wildly refined flavor”

It is the main white grape from Bordeaux, although thanks to its versatility it has adapted to different types of soil, including the Argentinian soil, where it is very popular among final consumers. Its name comes from combining “wildness” (sauvage) and the refinement of its origin, the vine (vignon). This variety is usually used alone, although it is sometimes combined with Sémillon grapes, obtaining fine top-quality wines.

This variety produces a wine of a great personality, which is sweet, fresh and dry, with certain smoky touches, a moderate-bodied wine with very acid tannins. A “wildly refined” flavor that goes perfectly with seafood, fish, spicy dishes, pasta, white meat, appetizers and goat cheese.


Uva redonda, de color amarillo verdoso, piel media y pulpa consistente y dulce.



Notas de identificación

Aroma herbáceo y sabor seco con matices ahumados.