Discover Mendoza, the Argentine province situated within the Cuyo region to the west of the country. It borders Chile and the Andes mountain range, where the Aconcagua –the highest mountain in America measuring 6,960 metres– is located. In fact, almost all the territory of the province lays over a thousand metres above sea level. Mendoza is also the main wine region in Argentina with over 60% of the national production. Thanks to its high number of exports, it is one of the most important ones in the world. Actually, Mendoza is the first wine region in America and the fifth in the world. Wines have been produced in Mendoza since late 16th century. The most popular grape variety in the area is malbec, followed by cabernet sauvignon, tempranillo and chardonnay; although local varieties criolla grande and cereza are still relevant. The important Mendocenean wine tradition and its geographical situation nearby the Andes turn the province into one of the most important tourist hubs in the country. Its capital, also called Mendoza, has been considered the cleanest city in the country as well as one of the most beautiful. After having been destroyed in an earthquake in 1861, it was rebuilt one kilometre away from the original city. In the province, different activities are available, such as trekking routes, high mountain sports as well as the wine tour to discover the region’s wineries. Besides, Mendoza celebrates –every year since 1936– the Fiesta Nacional de la Vendimia (Grape Harvest Festival), which is considered one of the five most important festivities in the world and the second most important harvest festivity in the world. The grape harvest festival and its parades take place between the last Sunday in February and the first Saturday in March. Mendoza also produces extra virgin olive oil, although with the passing of time vineyards have taken land from olive trees. Get into the heart of the Andean province by visiting Bodega Vistalba and tasting of its typical products. Discover the secrets of its wines, its gastronomy and participate in the events Vistalba organises for celebrating the harvest. Vistalba plot is situated just two kilometres away from the capital –within the Luján de Cuyo department– and has 50 hectares of vineyards over 70 years old. And further up, 135 kilometres away from the city of Mendoza, 342 hectares of vineyards and 8 hectares of walnut trees make up San Antonio plot. If you want to know the secrets of the Mendocenean wines, you can stay at Bodega Vistalba’s inn and take part in a guided visit. There, you will see the wine production process, for which you will walk around the vineyards, learn to recognise grape varieties and see how the bottling is done.

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