Finca Vistalba

Location: Vistalba, Luján de Cuyo, Mendoza.

Altitude: 980 masl / 3215 fasl

Soil: Sedimentary, alluvial, heterogeneous, clay loam

Subsoil: The presence of pebble confers good drainage and allows roots to dig 9 to 12 feet deep in search for minerals. A series of layers of different texture and structure can be observed, each belonging to a certain geomorphological stage.

Varieties: Malbec, Cabernet Sauvignon, Bonarda, and Cabernet Franc.

Trellising: Vertical trellis.

Irrigation: Traditional furrow irrigation.

Training: Traditional cordon pruning.

Other crops: 1200 80-year old olive trees of the Arauco, Nevadillo, Arbequina, Manzanillla and Empeltre varieties, with which the winery’s own olive oil, CORTE V, is elaborated.

" The most valuable treasure of these lands is the melt water that is born in the Andes mountain range, from the snowfalls that form the glaciers, our main water reservoirs. The right to the use of water is limited, and the Tomero zealously manages it. He is in charge of optimizing water use by opening and closing the sluice gates in the ditches that lead the water to each estate. "